About Gentle Procedures Hamilton Clinic

Welcome to the Gentle Procedures Clinic, your dedicated provider of Pollock Technique™ circumcision in Hamilton, Ontario.

Our circumcision clinic is part of the Gentle Procedures network of circumcision clinics across Canada, Ireland, the UK, Australia, and the USA.

At our Hamilton clinic, we offer virtually painless circumcision procedures for baby boys up to one year old. Other Gentle Procedures clinics also offer circumcision for boys and men of all ages.

Our mission is to uphold the highest international standards of male surgical care while treating all our patients and their families with compassion, dignity, and respect.

Why Dedicated Circumcision Clinics for Ontario?

We chose to create our dedicated clinics for circumcision in order to have specialized facilities for performing these relatively simple procedures quickly and efficiently.

Gentle Procedures is one of relatively few circumcision providers in Ontario and in Canada that offers rapid access to circumcision for babies.

As the only certified providers of Pollock Technique™ circumcision, we are proud to serve Ontario families with a fast and virtually painless procedure.

Hospital surgical units are in demand for a wide variety of procedures and cannot be reliably available for circumcision procedures.

Also, the needs of our clients are best met in a calm and pleasant setting that is hard to find in a large institution.

Our clients include babies and families, so our clinics have an ambience where we can comfortably welcome everyone.

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Dedicated Hamilton Circumcision Doctor

Our clinics are unique in that we are limited in the types of surgical procedures we perform. This allows Doctor Kanu and our team to excel and offer the highest quality of care.

At our clinics, we have created private surgical rooms allowing increased patient access to infant circumcision. Our experienced physician is available to perform the procedure within just days of your call.

For added convenience, we offer online booking and single-visit consultation and procedure to reduce the required number of clinic visits and associated travel time.

Our team takes pride in providing personalized services and individualized care. We offer 24/7 aftercare and support after all procedures.

Part of the Gentle Procedures Network

Gentle Procedures Hamilton is part of the Gentle Procedures network.

As part of the Gentle Procedures system, we are a leading circumcision provider in several countries, and the only one offering circumcision with the Pollock Technique™ in Canada today.

Gentle Procedures is a leading global provider of circumcision, with affiliated clinics in Ireland, Australia, Canada, the UK, and the USA. The globally reputed Dr. Neil Pollock is counted among our founders and board members.

Dr. Pollock continues to oversee training for our doctors as they learn to apply our virtually painless methods.

Hamilton Circumcision Clinic Serving Southwest Ontario

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